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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Expression of Thanks

We live in Mexico. For those of you who don't know: Mexico happens to be in North America, therefore being included in the catagory "America"
The Americas were first explored by the Spanish {Columbus.... is this ringing a bell??}.
There is this little holiday in the USA which is a celebration in rememberence of the first settlers and their struggles when they arrived here. The actual celebration first took place about 400 years ago, and what most people don't realize is that they aren't actually celebrating the Settling of the colonies, but the THANKFULLNESS that the settlers had after they had lived through a very bruital winter in a foreign land. God provided for them, and they were Thankful.
Wouldn't it be cool if we could go back to celebrating {as a Nation} the original idea?
So many holidays in the USA have become nothing more than a reason to cook, eat, and shop.

We are going to celebrate with Thankfullness here in Mexico {a foreign land} this week.
We aren't able to have all of our "Family" here on Thursday- so we will express our Thanks to God on Sunday.
Shouldn't we all be doing that everyday anyhow?
* steps off of soapbox *

So.... the Blogger question of the week:
What is on our Menu??
Well..... Turkey is very expensive here. We found a couple of stores selling some for two bucks a pound. So we will try to import one from CA, but only if we can find an affordable one.
Otherwise we will figure out something else .... {any ideas Mem?? Cause I'm thinkin' Pork tacos ;) }

What I DO know we will have:

Because nothing happens here without it.

* FYI- The effects of Caffeine are reported to have been first discovered in the 9th Century in Ethiopia. *

What is on your menu this week?

What are your family traditions?

Leave me comments!


  1. I am hoping to be rid of this horrible chest cold so I can join with my daughter and her husband for their first married Thanksgiving. His parents will join us and the theme is simple thanks with a simplified menu. The focus will be on family, gratefulness and the blessings God has poured on us. The Coffee Guy just went out to get the turkey so it will thaw in time. We will have dressing, corn, yams, potatoes, gravy, rolls and pie on the menu. Looking forward to a low key affair full of laughter and joy.

  2. Justin's fam. and a family from church who's Daddy is in India right now will join us this year. :) We will just be Thankful and Remember Gods blessings that He has bestowed upon us this year. They have been extra large and amazing. We will have the Traditional fixings plus a Roast. Love you guys.

  3. Too bad that isn't my coffee cup.